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RI160 - Rose Intense 54% with toffee filling 5.64Oz (160g)

RI160 - Rose Intense 54% with toffee filling 5.64Oz (160g)

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A box with delicate rose-shaped chocolates, perfect as a gift. The box is heart-shaped. The shell has 54% intense chocolate with toffee filling - 5.64Oz (160g) net weight.


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Chocolate that comes from the Heart of the forest"

In the dense and untouched soils of the Atlantic forests a unique flavour is born, exclusive, healthy and rich in antioxidants. Indulge into the experience of tasting real chocolate from awarded farms carefully chosen by Cioccolatier. Like fine wines, our Grand Cru chocolates have subtle variations depending on the origin, variety of cocoa, vintage, fermentation and roasting of the cocoa nibs. Since we always use high percentages of cocoa in our recipes, each Grand Cru chocolate will present a unique flavor, bringing an enjoyable and lasting experience that flourishes on your palate.