The American Chocolate Dream

The American Chocolate Dream

The world is full of manufacturers of all sorts of things, and making them right is always a challenge that requires competence, knowledge, and persistency. Building the World's best chocolate is not an easy thing to do, but it's possible and we are doing it. 

We started our business looking at the successful project of Napa Valley in California, which was responsible for bringing to the US the best wines of the world. Of course, that was a complex task for hundreds of people that had the great idea, but also had to research and implement the right soil, the right plants, choose a place where nature helped, and much more. 

So we started looking for the farms that could bring us the best final product, chocolate with taste, a sensorial experience, the chocolate of God. We discovered infinite possibilities, a myriad of cocoa types with hundreds of different recipes that we'll share here.

At Cioccolatier, we take care of every detail to make America the home of the world's best chocolate. You'll see how we are doing that in our future posts.

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