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Handcrafted with the traditional and secret Italian recipe. Legend has it that... 


Our Pralines are made only with nut and chocolate. Made in a... 

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Cioccolatier has the best gifts for all special occasions. 

Cioccolatier has the best gifts for all special occasions.

  • The Story of Cioccolatier

    Nestled in the hills of  Colorado, our factory reunites the pillars of the world’s best chocolate: The American dream, the Brazilian cocoa, and the Italian inspiration.

    Cioccolatier was born in Castle Rock Colorado. We built our factory in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains so that we may bring their timeless beauty and elegance of form to every chocolate that we make.

    Now our goal is to proudly make America the benchmark of luxury with our delicious and healthy chocolates. Careful recipes are blended to perfection making every chocolate a divine experience.

  • Our Ingredients

    Not only the best cocoa, fermentation and roasting is important to make the perfect chocolate. Our fillings are made by our Master chocolatiers with traditional Italian recipes and pure ingredients. Our colors are beautiful, making every bonbon a small masterpiece. We use whole nuts, pure essential oils and natural fruits to make the perfect fillings for healthier chocolates. Made to be consumed one by one, enjoying all their beauty and flavour.

  • Filled Chocolates

     "Hidden Treasures of the World"


    Explore the world through the flavors of our chocolates. Exclusive recipes blend ingredients in such a way that your pleasure becomes our goal. You will find boxes with white, milk and intense chocolates filled with Toffee, Salted caramel, Colombian coffee, Red Berries, Cognac, Dulce de Leche, Pure Milk Chocolate, Cachaça, Mint, Orange, Lemon pie, Italian ganache, Pepper, Caffe Latte and Hazelnut - all heavenly recipes. From time to time, Cioccolatier will bring you new flavors and experiences that will be present at our stores. Honey & Apricot, Cherry & Champagne, Passionfruit, Whisky, Rum, new products like Brigadeiro, Honey Bread and Grand Cru intense bars are seasonal. Come visit us at our physical stores!

  • The Buddies - Luxury Assorted Chocolate bits bites

    Cioccolatier has now delicious characters made of pure chocolate. The figures are beautiful and gracious, in small portions that are ideal for the kids. Those bitsy bites are made of white, milk and intense chocolate, with great smoothness and taste. The Jungle Buddies, the Sea Buddies, The Easter Buddies and the Christmas Buddies are collections of assorted D.O.C chocolates that indulge your senses. Pure Natural Ingredients,No Artificial Colors, Fats or Preservatives.

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The best chocolates for you and your guests.


At Cioccolatier, we make chocolates that value and promote your brand to customers, special collections for the targets you want to reach and much more. Our B2B division will help you think the best way to reach and indulge your audience. Send us an e-mail to and let us know what you need.


If you're looking for a way to delight your customers, giving chocolates is a great and tasty option. At Cioccolatier we have many sizes of boxes with assorted chocolates, pralines and marzipans to indulge your customers at your booth or event. Send us a request at and let us know your needs.

Weddings & Birthdays

Planning for a perfect gift to your guests? Chocolates are a world preference. At Cioccolatier we make luxury packages and flavors that will make your party something unforgettable. Send us an e-mail at and we can help you with the perfect gift.

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