The Awarded Farms

The Awarded Farms

People that work with chocolate must understand what they are doing. Researchers, scientists, farmers, whatever we call them, must dominate the process of harvesting the ripe cocoa fruits at the right time. 

After that, they will make a fermentation process that may take 6 days, with constant moving of the shells still with pulp, what magically transforms the inside of the nibs. Then the drying process takes place, in opened spaces under the sun, protected from the environment by a moving roof. Next step is roasting, that helps making the perfect chocolate. Too little roasting brings an adstringent taste, too much roasting will burn the cocoa nibs. 

Every single part of that process is important to deliver the perfect chocolate. Of course, we can’t forget about the cocoa fruit itself, as it has varieties like the Trinitário, Criollo, Catongo, Pará, Parazinho & Maranhão, just to mention some species. If you taste them raw, some will have a more fruity taste, others will have a flower taste. So Nature creates the taste based in the terroirs and men enhance them with their own recipes.

An Awarded farm must be skilled in dominating the whole process from tree to bar, and that’s what Cioccolatier is pursuing, the perfect taste for you. Those talented farmers were awarded in National or International shows, some of them are certified “Organic” in Brazil.  You may eat a 76% intensity bar this year that will never be the same the year after. The chocolate taste, smoothness and snapping will change, as the fruit itself based in the terroir (soil + climate) it has grown in.

The Purpose

Helping people of the land is our final purpose. Aggregating value for productions that are done carefully is how we do it. We pay more, so they do better, they live better and you eat a better chocolate. So Cioccolatier wants to improve the prosperity process that must happen in simple people’s lives. Needless to say, we want our chocolate to be the best in the whole world, and we just started.

The products

14 different types of White, Milk and Intense chocolates from selected farms will be offered soon in exclusive combinations, so you can taste them all and fly into the taste of the Awarded Farms terroirs.

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